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Things you must do: 1. Write a blog

The hardest part in writing this blog is deciding where to start. For years I have toyed with the idea: ‘perhaps I could write a blog about food’… ‘perhaps I could write a blog about fashion’… ‘about law students/lawyers’… Ah – the first two ideas are not at all original… and as for the third idea – writing about the legal profession – well, I think we can all agree that lawyers are boring 😉

It has been 17 days since I cheered Happy New Year (in the conventional sense), and it is only a few days off Chinese New Year, so I figure this is an appropriate time to start my one and only new years resolution: to do ‘101 things you must do before you are too old and boring’. AND – funny enough, writing a blog is on that list!

  1. Write a blog = achieved.

During the Year of the Dragon I will aim to tick off ‘must do’s’ and will share my experiences in this forum. Every now and then I might feel the urge to blog about food, fashion and lawyers, because these 3 things form a big part of my life. However, I guess my goal is somewhat misleading…

You see, the ‘guide’ that I am following lists some ‘must do’s’ that I have already accomplished – things I don’t feel I absolutely NEED to do again.  Nevertheless, they are things that I recommend trying – for example, make an origami crane (I did this on a high school visit to Japan), start a band (in year 7 there was ‘Girls with Attitude’ and in year 10/11 there were too many bands to remember), spend Christmas in another country (one year it was Czech Republic and another it was Canada), have fun in the snow (Perisher – Australia, Porters – New Zealand, Whistler – Canada). . . etc. . . etc. . . I can count 10 ticks already . . . This blog is my 11th tick.

Thank you in advance for reading my blog and contributing your comments/thoughts.


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