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5. Be part of a Bridal Party

A year and a half ago (if not a little longer), I was fortunate to be asked to be a BRIDESMAID for one of my best friends – as you can imagine, it was such an honour and privilege to be included in a special group that would assist in making my friend’s day magical.

Finally, the day rolled around, 16 February 2012. So off I went – 9 hour direct flight back to M-town and a 2 hour drive down to Sorrento – a loverrrrrssssss paaarrraaaddiiiissse! The lovely couple had decided on a casual and relaxed atmosphere – a true reflection of their relationship – and as such, the wedding ceremony was held on the foreshore of the beach, with the reception to later be held at a venue overlooking the rolling waves and beautiful sunset. (How cliché does my description sound?! To die for!)

I had assumed that there would be many obligations and responsibilities of a bridesmaid – but after my experience, I think many of these obligations are reserved for the Maid of Honour and Best Man. Or perhaps, the fact that I live abroad influenced my input, or lack thereof… OR, and this could be a better description, the Bride was just so organised that there was nothing left for us to do!

On the morning of the wedding, we had our hair and make up done, enjoyed a glass of chammmpppeerrrss and beautiful fresh fruit for brekki. To be honest, I was expecting a few bridezilla moments but everything was really relaxed! Being the cry baby that I am, I was also expecting that I would tear up. This didn’t happen until the actual wedding ceremony and was very brief.

It was such a surreal moment. Finally, my dear friend was going from Miss to Mrs, and as she described it to me the night before the big day, she was entering the happy realm of life long lovers – just like our parents and grandparents before us. Marriage brings with it a level of finality. Once that paper is signed, man and woman are devoted to each other for life. As a witness to my dear friend’s love for her new husband, I was in awe at how quickly things change – how a little girl’s dream of finding love can come true. Naturally, the romantic in me (which is well hidden most of the time) was intrigued. Being part of the bridal party brings about a new appreciation for just how special that day really is – it provides a first hand account of the feelings and emotions of the bride and groom – the excitement as well as the anxiety that comes with waiting for the big moment.


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One thought on “5. Be part of a Bridal Party

  1. Josephine Greco on said:

    Hi Jacq
    Enjoyed your piece! I think you have a nack for this writing caper. Wished there was a photo where you could be seen more clearly but I know it wasn’t about you!

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