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Tadpole eggs and bubble tea


Sweet Rose drink with basil seeds

The bubble tea phenomenon is nothing new- in cities around the world this Asian drink has become a favorite for many. The conventional milk tea with tapioca was a daily indulgence in the first month I moved to Hong Kong. And naturally, on my short trip to Taiwan (the origin of milk tea), I just HAD to have it all the time.

With over 100 varieties, and at only $16 HKD ($2 AUD) for a large size, I’ve slowly tried the unusual and interesting flavors and jellies only on offer in Asia. Most recently, I noticed that basil seeds were a popular addition to these milky/fruity delights.

Yes, that is right, basil seeds. At the Chinese New Year market a woman stopped us to sell what looked like tadpole eggs. She couldn’t explain exactly what it was but proceeded to tell us ‘it good for you’ and that it can be added to drinks and desserts. You can imagine my surprise when I saw it on the bubble tea menu. I can’t really explain the taste; I think it depends on what you have as the base flavor/drink. However, it has a semi jelly feel on the outside and if you put the seeds in between your teeth they are obviously rather hard.

The Sweet Rose drink with basil seeds was so refreshing and most definitely exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect companion for sitting in the sun on a Sunday afternoon.







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4 thoughts on “Tadpole eggs and bubble tea

  1. They look like passion fruit seeds!

  2. dont they!!! not as much crunch though! 😛

  3. I love bubble tea too! I loved comebuy’s lemon Yakult with ai yu jelly when I was in HK. When the chain came over to SG it wasn’t as good. 😦

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