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Earth Hour in Hong Kong

ImageThe Island I now call home – Hong Kong Island. 

ImageThe Bank of China Building… lights off

Lights on… lights off…

Looking over the iconic skyline and beautiful lights of Hong Kong is one of my ultimate favourite things to do (in the world!). I don’t think I will ever get tired of the concrete beauty that lines the Island. Day and night – this city is mesmerizing. The laser show and frantic lights are always on.

After spending a full day at uni/at the High Court for a mock trial, I came home absolutely exhausted… and then remembered… Earth Hour! I have previously ‘celebrated’ Earth Hour with my pals back home… this involved turning off every light in the house. I also took pleasure in implementing a no phone policy – which my friends hated me for… [Living in the dark is much easier than living without your phone.] This year, I was curious to see if HK could actually observe Earth Hour. This city seems to be connected to one giant Duracell battery that never dies – the lights flash on and off – at all hours.

My roomie was agreeable when I insisted we turn off the lights in our apartment… and come 830pm, I watched the lights turn off in the Hopewell Centre (a landmark in HK that also happens to be viewable from my bedroom window).

Considering I was so exhausted from my long day, I didn’t feel like venturing across to the Kowloon side to look across to the harbour. Instead, I trammed to central, took a few photos, trammed back and then walked along the harbour in Wan Chai.

Hong Kong doesn’t feel the same without the flashing lights. It feels sleepy. Or, perhaps, I felt sleepy?! But as I was walking, the most unusual song came to mind:

Baby when the lights go out

every single word cannot express, the love and tenderness

ill show u what its all about

baby, I swear, you will (so) come to me,

when the lights go out

[circa nineteen ninety something?! Thanks Five – for that fabulous flashback]

Happy Earth Hour, Hong Kong! You did it – naturally the city was still well lit… however the landmark buildings had ‘turned out the lights’ 😉

PS I realise there are a number of other songs about lights – but for some reason this popped into my brain?! Child of the 90s… our minds work in mysterious ways!


 IFC – lights off

ImageHSBC Building – lights offImage

ImageHK Convention Centre and ICC Tower – lights off

ImageICC Tower – lights off

Imageone hour later – lights on


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