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Hong Kong: the transit city

4 weeks of exam hell (preparation included) and now I am finally back to the fabulous world of blogging.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve come to the realisation that HK really is a transit city. I knew on the surface that it was and is a temporary destination for many – as an international financial hub the city attracts talented people from around the world… it wasn’t until I had to say goodbye to some dear friends that I started contemplating the effects of a ‘transit city’ on the expat lifestyle.

People are always coming and going – secondments can be as brief as one to two months and the majority of postgraduate courses only last a year… In and out.

The main advantage of living in a transit city is that people are always open to forming new friendships. However, with that, comes the horrible realisation that sometimes these friendships are short lived – not always by choice, usually because of the surrounding circumstances.

As I was saying goodbye to a new friend, she mentioned that there are 3 types of friends in life:

1)   the ‘best’ friend – they are the ones you have history with and adore, they mean the world to you and you could hang out with them endlessly;

2)   the ‘hang out’ friend – the ones you love to just hang out with and can call on at any time for a laugh;

3)   the ‘fave’ friend – the ones that you don’t necessarily hang out with all the time but they could be a bestie if given the chance– 100% enjoyable to hang out with.

It got me thinking, in the last month, I’ve said goodbye to 1 ‘fave friend’ and 2 ‘hang out friends’ (although… at some point I also had a little crush on one of my ‘hang out friends’). It is kinda sad. My HK family and perception has changed. Transit. My HK family will eventually be an international family – friends scattered around the globe. It is all part of being an expat.



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