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Love in the Big City

Hong Kong: the city to fall in love… with your job and nothing else?! 

I had been warned, Hong Kong is not a city where people settle down, it is a city for random dates and casual flings. At 24 years of age, that should sound exciting… if only this was a holiday destination and not my home… but the idea of going on numerous dates and trying to impress someone, when there seems to be this universal understanding that things just don’t work that way in HK, can be a little disheartening for this hk-romantic.

Naturally, the warnings from my friends and posts on popular HK blogs were blocked from my mind and replaced with little mantras such as “I will find someone tall, muscular, smart and serious” 😛 if only 😛

About 10 months in and I have had the random date/fling*, here and there… only with other internationals though – an Aussie, a Frenchie and most notably a very handsome Norwegian. The local boys (and those from the mainland) have showed little to no interest. One guy even told my friend (when asked if he found me attractive) that he wasn’t interested in ‘white girls’ – which was a little shocking at the time and is somewhat amusing to me now. As a result, I haven’t yet found my HK prince.

This got me thinking about the lengths people will go to ensure they find ‘the one’. Recently, there was public uproar about a dating company in HK that was charging approx $500 USD per head for local female women to attend an event where international men were invited to dine for free. Pitching HK women as shallow and desperate for international men with money – which isn’t the case. But you have to wonder, if people ARE willing to pay that sort of money for the chance to mingle with eligible partners, what sort of city are we living in?

And so, here I am, realising that these warnings might have some truth. Don’t get me wrong – I am not jaded or desperate but I am intrigued. Thus, enter the next best thing? THE SET UP!

Yes – finally I have agreed to be set up with a man who appears to be paper perfect. Only time will tell. A new experience. An exciting experience? Naturally, I am going into this with no expectations and with the thought that this will be a bit of fun… and hey – it has given me something to entertain you with, right?!

Wish me luck!

* Date/fling – doesn’t necessarily mean I slept with these guys. A lady never kisses and tells.

One of the well written warnings: http://sassyhongkong.com/hong-kong-isnt-for-love/


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3 thoughts on “Love in the Big City

  1. Megan on said:

    I met my white Anglo-Saxon husband here so don’t worry it can happen. I just introduced my best friend to another friend and it is firecrackers!
    Good luck on your set up date!

  2. Tough luck, but how come people aren’t interested in serious relationships? Or in white girls for that matter ;p

  3. Disappointment Not!Xavi on said:

    Let us know how you go! 😉

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