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I’m Australian. I’m Italian. I’m Greek. And I’m… Chinese.

This post really captures what is important at this time of year. Happy Chinese New Year!

happy by name


Happy New Year!

Huh? At the end of January?

Sorry. I should clarify this.

Gon Xi Fa Cai!

Ah, that’s clearer, right?

The penny – or should I say yuan? – should now have dropped.

“Oh… you mean Happy Chinese New Year! Of course! Well… a very happy new year to you too!”

Yes, this weekend marks the start of the Chinese New Year. Celebrations right across China – and the rest of the world, including Australia – will go off like a firecracker or two.

It’s so wonderful to see how these celebrations have become a popular and integral part of our Australian cultural calendar. I think back to when I was a child… um, cue the way-way-way-back-in-time harp music… when I was around ten.

My connection to anything remotely Chinese was almost non-existent. It was all via television and my World Book Encyclopedia (the 70s and…

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