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For the love of CAKE – Give up something you love… make a sacrifice…



Have you ever tried to give up something you love? Temporarily? What about long term?


For 40 days and 40 nights, I will NOT eat CAKE. I love cake… I love cake more than anything. When I exit my apartment, there are 3 cake stores within 50 m… Some of the most beautiful cake stores have branches within walking distance and it kills me – Sift, Zoe and Princess – amongst the other local bakeries – with sweet sugary Chinese delights. And, have you ever noticed that there are always cake stores at MTR stations? Why?!


We are now officially in the period of ‘Lent’. A time to give up something you love, make a sacrifice [as a way of showing your love and appreciation for jesus???]. To be honest, I’m not that religious… I don’t know why we as Christians make sacrifices during Lent – I can only speculate… So before y’all think I’m preaching – I’m not – my message goes to the core of compassion. My mission is twofold: show compassion and discipline. And, how else does one show compassion in 2012? By giving up something… even just for a week…


I eat cake at least 2 times a week. I have lined up for over an hour to visit renowned cake stores… (such as Serendipity3 in NYC). I have also made a point of seeking out the best pastry chefs…(trying delights created by Katrina Kantani and Adriano Zumbo). Basically, I take the view that a party is not a party without cake… I live for cake.


With so many cake stores at every turn, the question is, will I make it?


Pics from Sift, Zoe and agnes b. Image








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