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Ching Ming Festival

Hong Kong’s positioning and history influences the public holidays enjoyed by this tiny Special Admin Region. We are fortunate to enjoy the Chinese festivals and holidays, as well as the conventional European/Western holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

Currently, I have 5 days of public holidays. Funny enough, my roomie thought that this was all part of Easter break. However, traditional Easter only provides for Easter Friday and Monday… Where do the other days come from?

Ching Ming Festival.

The Ching Ming Festival is a celebration of Chinese ancestors. Traditional families will go to their ancestors’ gravestones and clear away/clean the area. In Chinese, the words mean clean and bright. In a way, it is a festival of mourning. I can’t say much more on the holiday – other than, my local friends know of its existence and will help their family prepare for it, but none could explain the history and timing of the holiday. Still rather interesting.

I read that other than cleaning the gravestone, some will place food at the grave. Some people even let off fire crackers to ward off evil spirits – although these customs are only from my reading on the subject matter. OH and – do NOT conduct business or do anything important today – apparently it is bad luck because there are unhappy souls that wander the earth on the day of Ching Ming.

The stock exchange in Shanghai was closed yesterday for Ching Ming and the stock exchange in HK will close today for the festival.

Do you know anything about this tradition? Please share 🙂


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