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The Staff Christmas Party

Do’s and don’ts


1. If your Christmas party is held straight after work, be kind to your co-workers – bring the following necessities to work to prep:

–       a toothbrush – no one likes to have a conversation with Mr Bad Breath.

–       re-apply deodorant – it is highly likely that you’ll throw your arms up at one point or another, whether it be whilst dancing or high fiving your co-workers.

–       put on your face – in other words, touch up your make up.

2. Dress to the theme – if your party is themed, don’t be the party pooper who is too scared to laugh at themselves. Don’t be afraid to look ridiculous. Run with the pack and don’t be the odd one out – you will draw more attention to yourself if you don’t dress to the theme.

3. Bring everything with you (jacket, phone, wallet etc)– do not return to the office!

Last year, a junior team member at my firm, returned to the office after drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Our Christmas party was themed, so he was dressed head to toe in blue spandex (as an Avatar). At about 10:30pm, he decided he would go back to the office to pick up his jacket and phone but instead vomited all over himself, the office and the toilets. What made this worse was the fact that when he went to the toilets, he forgot his swipe pass and got locked out of the office. He passed out only to be found the next day by the cleaners who thought this “blue man” was some sort of intruder.  

4. Talk to people you don’t know – “Hi, I’m X, I work in the X team. I don’t think we have met before?”

5. Avoid conversations that lead back to your work – yes, work might be a common feature of your relationship with your colleagues but sometimes it is nice to have other things to talk about – sport, food, travel, Christmas plans etc.

6. Enter quietly and leave discretely – it is not cool to be the first one at the party or the last one to leave.

7. Don’t abuse drugs or alcohol to the point that you do not remember what happened – remember, these people have to see you daily.

8. Stay off social media sites – some workplaces have strict social media guidelines – a dirty photo here or there could actually result in some sort of disciplinary action – be careful!

9. Eat! And drink! (Your boss is paying!)

10. Have fun! 



Rugby Sevens, Rugby Fashions


My lil lamb – we call her Kimbo… 


Tickets to the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens sold out within 5 minutes. I naively found this out when I went to look up ticket prices, a couple of days after they went on sale. Not to worry- the Sevens isn’t all about the sport, it is however, very much about the beer and fashion.

Hong Kongers take pride in their costumes. When I talk about fashion and outfits in a rugby context, I don’t mean the conventional preppy rugby jersey and jeans look. Hong Kongers, and visitors to HK, spend weeks, if not months, planning their costumes and matching them with their friends. They tend to wear the same outfit for the whole 3 day series – from early morning through to.. well, I guess early morning 😛 You can see sheep, gladiators, super women and men, cowboys and sailors, hippies in colorful wigs roaming the streets, on the MTR, in the supermarket… These fabulous costumed people take over the city.

At the end of each game day, the crowds head to LKF and Wan Chai. LKF is barricaded and beer stalls are set up on the street. The ‘normal people’ [this includes me and the rest of HK that failed to get tickets] and the sheep, gladiators, sailors, smurfs etc all integrate! It becomes one wild costume party!

I will not be so naive to miss out on tickets next year. I love costumes, the Sevens provides an excellent excuse to dress up. Oh, and might I add – the rugby itself is somewhat interesting too – C’mon Aussies!

[The Sevens was held a couple weeks back… some of my friends are still getting over the aftershock of the 3 day binge… Hence, the late write up – needed to seek approval from the sober kids for the uploading of the following pictures]


Cluck Cluck


Life savers? You can save me anytime 😉


WW – you are fabulous!


piggy piggy


My lil gladiator

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