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Observations from my cup of coffee


Prime-time street viewing – sitting on a couch next to the windows that peer out onto Queens Road East, I watched and pondered for 3 hours. Sipping my Starbucks caramel macchiato and nibbling on a croque monsieur, I observed the following:

  1. A pedestrian got hit by a (slow) moving van as he crossed the street. I have seen so many near encounters but never actually imagined that cars wouldn’t slow down for pedestrians! In my world, ‘pedestrians have right of way.’ That rule doesn’t exist in HK. Look left and right – and whatever you do, don’t bother trying to cross in front of a car, even if it is slowly approaching and there are a number of pedestrians around you.
  2. A big black butterfly, the size of my palm, fell to the ground and lay on the pavement – its deathbed. I always notice bugs and insects – however, I’m always inclined to think they are giant cockroaches… I was pleasantly surprised to see a butterfly, and then equally as disappointed as I watched it flap its gentle wings, hoping that no one would trample it.
  3. A dog wearing shoes. Admittedly, every time I see an animal dressed up in clothing I laugh. This was particularly funny because the owner was taking the dog for a walk – it wasn’t in a home setting. Cute shoes, too.

Watching the people of Hong Kong… an endless source of amusement. 


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