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3. Learn how to take a photo

On a recent girls trip to Taiwan, my lovely friends thought it would be a good time to tell me that the quality of my photos/ability to snap a shot without blur and my interpretation of artistic photography was substandard… in other words, my photos were rubbish 😛 a harsh reality…

As a snap happy gal who LOVES to take pics of everything, this was rather disappointing to hear… Sure, I knew that my photos were sometimes blurry… and that they weren’t always that great… But, hey, the process of taking a photo in itself makes me happy. Hmmm so I did what anyone else would do in that situation and blamed it on my 4 year old camera… arguing that it wasn’t as high tech and fancy as the new cameras on the market.

About 3 weeks later, my 10 year old nephew sent me a link to a ‘big and professional’ looking camera. “Jacqui, do you think you could buy this camera for me and bring it back to Melbourne with you?” Naturally, my response was yes – the camera was rather pricey in Aus and I knew I could get it much cheaper in HK. If my 10 year old nephew was taking up photography as a hobby, then surely his 24 year old aunt could do the same! Why not?!

I bought 2 of the pretty Nikon P500 – one for me and one for my nephew. This camera is my new LOVE. It is amazing. I have not stopped taking photos since I bought it – such great quality… And as my brother said to me the other day whilst browsing through my pictures – “see, even people with no photo skills whatsoever, can take a nice photo”…

Learning how to take a good quality photo is a MUST! And, honestly, I don’t really think it matters what camera you have – as long as you enjoy the process (and it doesn’t turn out blurry), what more can you ask for?!


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