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Pop-Up Food Event

One of my dear friends is foodie – having interned with a food magazine in HK, her food recommendations are always spot on, she knows where to go and what to try! So when I met her for a casual lunch and ‘study’ session at Heirloom, I was not at all surprised when she proceeded to tell me that there was a food event we MUST attend.

I was delighted to finally sit down at Heirloom. With outside tables, and a girly chic interior, it has the classic trendy café vibe I miss about Melbourne. My intention in heading to Hollywood Rd was to chow down on a taco! You know what I’m talking about – I was in a taco mood!!! Conveniently, my friend responded with the following:

“Ohhh no! You can’t have a taco for lunch! Let’s get tacos tonight! Yardbird is doing a special pop up food event!”…[ Yardbird is one of my friend’s fave restaurants]

A pop-up event??? – to be honest, I’ve only ever seen these during fashion week!! In a fashion setting, there will be a ‘pop-up’ show – basically out of thin air – the only details given are location and time. More recently, I read that this is happening in the retail sector with familiar brands taking over vacant retail spaces.

One blogger commented that:

“Demand from diners is further proof that the pop-up trend will continue to grow… Pop-up restaurants are trendy, in high demand and can vanish as quickly as they appear, making them awesome but often elusive for securing a table.”

Essentially, my friend wanted us to attend the collaboration between Hecho and Yardbird – they had taken over a small burger joint and started serving tacos and other Mexican delights– one night only. Thinking we would be smart and get there early, we were surprised to see that there were already 100 people in the line up at 550pm! We waited for just over an hour to get into the very small converted space. MMMM mmmmm what an experience.

What did I scoff down?

One Carnitas Steak Taco

One Tomato Quesadilla

A bite of Pork Belly Taco

Would I attend a pop-up event again?

Highly likely 🙂


The crazy line upImageImage

The Yardbird teamImage



For more food porn from this event, please check out my friend’s blog – I promise that her pics aren’t blurry 😛 Some things never change 😉


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